Asset Risk FAQ

Assets and risk considerations

The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQ), by placing the answers to those questions here, hopefully they will save us both some time:

How can I tell if I need asset protection? The circumstances that would indicate asset protection benefits are:

  • if you are in a high risk occupation or business
  • if you have a substantial liquid net worth
  • if you have employees
  • if you are on the board of Directors of any company
  • if you own property
  • if you own a business
  • if you have family members who drive a car that you own
  • if you have family members who break the law
  • if you own a plane or a boat

I have ample insurance, isn't that enough?

  • Asset protection is in addition to adequate local or domestic liability insurance, but there are large gaps in the coverage limits of different policies.
    • only in the event of a claim will you know if the insurance company will defend you or pressure you to settle due to their economic reasons (you appear guilty)
    • after one claim, you may not be able to get insurance again
    • for some high risk occupations the cost of insurance is simply too expensive to be affordable
    • having insurance can actually attract more attention to you
  • We recommend that individuals have sufficient insurance to meet statutory and public or 3rd party requirements.

I've been sued, will your service help me?

  • Asset protection like many other facets of business is about planning. Nothing will help if you wait until it is too late. You need to learn about asset protection and implement it before there is an actual need for it.

Is asset protection just a way to dodge creditors from being paid?

  • "All is fair in love and war" should also include business. Unfortunately, with the best will in the world, one can't always bank on a fair outcome to situations, regardless of whether one is at fault or not. This is not a fair world that we live in and we prefer to take the view that your survival from a given situation leaves you able to carry on, possibly continuing to provide jobs etc.

Will you help me protect my assets and income from taxes?

  • There are some legal methods of tax avoidance that can be deployd in order to save taxes or to avoid problems with the Inland Revenue. Tax evasion is illegal and we do not partake nor assist in any such methods or schemes.

Why should I move my assets offshore if I can't save taxes?

  • There are many good reasons to "go offshore", explained here.

Aren't offshore trusts just for dishonest businesses and crooks?

  • No. There are dishonest businesses and crooks who use offshore trusts to hide and protect their assets from the government and their competitors or even their family, but there are many investors and entrepreneurs who are equally concerned about attacks and the growing asset forfeiture capabilities.

How can I be sure my money will be safe offshore?

  • There are three steps that will help you to be sure your offshore funds are being managed by ethical people and are safe from a variety of risks.
    • don't put all your savings / investments / assets / other with just one provider
    • diversify so that no one loss will wipe out your entire savings / investments / assets / other
    • investigate the provider and subject before you invest or transfer

Will I be hassled or audited by the Inland Revenue if I go offshore?

  • the Inland Revenue does not have any easy way to know who is using offshore vehicles. We know that they monitor websites for keywords and try to trace them back to a UK company if they can.
  • in the USA, the IRS is trying to audit anyone who has an offshore bank account, offshore investments, offshore trust or offshore corporations to see whether they are filing all the relevant tax forms and therefore paying all their taxes in full.
  • governments are after people who are not paying their taxes, not you.
  • they are also looking for promoters of illegal schemes in order to find their clients
  • we do not offer any illegal schemes or methods of tax evasion

Can you send my company an invoice?

  • Yes, if you are a legal entity, any purchase from us automatically gets an invoice.
  • You or your company may or may not obtain tax relief for the expense subject to the exact nature of the product or service supplied and the jurisdiction of your company

How long have you been in business?

  • Since 1993. You will find more information about us on request.

Why don't you publish your street address?

  • we do not have an office for walk-in business nor do we want advertisers abusing the street address so we use a post office box address.