Limosa declaration in Belgium

Sometimes required in advance of work...

Foreign companies, organisations or self-employed persons wishing to employ someone in Belgium? Or maybe you want to establish yourself in Belgium as a self-employed person for temporary work? You must comply with some basic conditions. Follow the steps outlined below in order to access the Belgian portal setup especially for the purpose.

How to proceed;

In order to submit Limosa declarations you need a User ID and a password create an account. Use the mandatory LIMOSA declaration application to report your activities

Non-Belgian employers and self-employed persons doing temporary work in Belgium must declare these activities in advance.
The mandatory Limosa declaration is essential for correct temporary work in Belgium.

Further obligations to be aware of...

While you are staying in Belgium:


Email service queries to Webquery or alternatively to Yahoo
'SnowdonConsultants' ID for all Messengers; Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN & Google. Also Skype & ICQ available on request