Security - Windows operating systems

Useful free programs that have helped us

The chance of any of the following undesirables finding their way onto your hard drive can be greatly reduced by installing the FREE programs listed;

Spam [unwanted commercial emails often with false details]

  • spammers send millions of emails every day
  • they get your email address any way they can
  • they usually falsify the "from" and/or "reply-to" email addresses
  • they don't often want a reply from you
  • they often forge the email headers not to be traced
  • they often use DSL/broadband connections, relay servers
  • their mission is the weblink in the email you get
  • click on that link and the spammer gets paid
    • don't click on the weblink, deny them payment
  • spammers are agents for website owners
  • they may get commission on products & the click fee
  • unsubscribing just confirms your email address to them!

Viruses [malicious programs for causing data loss and worse]

  • often designed to cause disruption to your computer
  • often sent as an email with an infected attachment
    • don't open the attachment

Trojans [programs that gain control of your computer]

  • robot programs that install themselves on your hard drive
  • often sent as an attachment to an email
  • often use random file names to avoid detection
  • sometimes use Windows filenames but in a different folder
  • they sit and wait for instructions from the owner
  • they can be commanded to send spam emails from your computer

Worms [programs that scan selected ports to gain access]

  • most internet connections use TCP and UDP protocols
  • there are ~65,500 different ports [channels] on each!
  • viruses and trojans often work on one particular port
  • worms search computers with an open port [door]
  • hackers can then use it to access your computer
    • use a firewall to close unnecessary ports [doors]

Spyware [program that transmits personal data]

  • reports back information about your web habits
  • used in gathering statistics for targeting advertising

Keyloggers [software for recording & transmitting keystrokes]

  • hacker's program that tells them passwords you type

Pop-ups & Pop-unders [advertising windows on your browser]

  • adverts in a different window to that which you are using
  • annoying more than anything, can be blocked

Zombies [infected computers controlled by spammers or hackers]

  • infected PC for the use of hackers or spammers
  • especially useful when the PC is on-line 24/7
  • used in co-ordinated attacks against specific servers

Visit the following websites and download a copy of their FREE software. Install it and do yourself, and the rest of the internet community, a favor.

For more specialist use in investigating offenders, try;


Email service queries to Webquery or alternatively to Yahoo
'SnowdonConsultants' ID for all Messengers; Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN & Google. Also Skype & ICQ available on request