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A new look for a New Year

Snowdon Consultants specialises in contract management and administration to the highest standards. Once you have a contract to go to, you will invariably need a limited company in the chain between the end-client and yourself. That is our role as a contract management company, providing not just the specifics of the contract, but also providing your requirements whilst working.

Recruiters, Human Resourcers

A valued partner to the team:

A convenient way for you to outsource the contract management and maintain a corporate link in the chain. Outsourcing to Snowdon Consultants saves you not just the overhead of operating a payroll for Consultants, but in addition it aids your firm from being seen as the employer of those Consultants;


  • no charge to Recruitment firms
  • corporate entity to hold the contract
  • simple, efficient invoicing and payment system
  • trustworthy and reliable, professionally run


Email service queries to Webquery or alternatively to Yahoo
'SnowdonConsultants' ID for all Messengers; Yahoo & Google. Skype, Whatsapp & ICQ available on request