Beware on the internet

Resources for untrustworthy places on the internet

Before you venture offshore, be sure your advisors are experienced and well qualified professionals with ties to the UK, USA, Australia [or other country that has a trusted education system and professional institutes for the professions such that qualifications, certifiactes and diplomas are actually of value] who can therefore offer you their professional services

You will no doubt have seen the advertisements on the internet, newspapers and magazines that offer quick wealth and instant protection of your assets from everyone, including offshore tax savings and huge returns on your investments plus assurances of "no-risk".

Everyday lots of people lose a lot of money to these scams, even when the schemes are incredible, people still put their money down in the hope of easy rewards.

There are many more ways to lose your money other than by being sued or having it taken by the government. We believe far more money is lost due to unscrupulous people who entice you to give them large amounts of your money.

You can also get taken to the cleaners with the advice of tax advisors and lawyers who are simply not familiar with the complex tax laws that apply to foreign people, transactions, investments or businesses.

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