Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy, your data protection

Snowdon Consultants Ltd is compliant with the Data Protection Act of UK. We also respect client confidentiality, your personal contact information will not be given to 3rd parties without your permission.

Snowdon Consultants Ltd makes extensive use of email to communicate with clients, consultants, service providers and people interested in our services. Having said that, we never send unsolicited bulk email to lists of people who have not requested to be on one or more of our own email lists. We do not rent or sell our email lists, or any email address, to any person, commercial or otherwise, and we do not participate in groups that combine their lists with others. Nor do we relay our emails via 3rd party mail servers. We operate our own mail servers, they have never been blacklisted for spam or other abuse.

"No personal information where the public have access"


Email service queries to Webquery or alternatively to Yahoo
'SnowdonConsultants' ID for all Messengers; Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN & Google. Also Skype & ICQ available on request