Recruiters, Human Resourcers

A valued partner to the team:

A convenient way for you to outsource the contract management and maintain a corporate link in the chain. Outsourcing to Snowdon Consultants saves you not just the overhead of operating a payroll for Consultants, but in addition it aids your firm from being seen as the employer of those Consultants;


  • no charge to Recruitment firms
  • corporate entity to hold the contract
  • simple, efficient invoicing and payment system
  • trustworthy and reliable, professionally run

Free Service to Recruiters

  • Contracting / freelance Consultants need a Company through which to work
  • When Consultants do not have or want their own company then Snowdon Consultants Ltd is the management company
  • Consultants can join or leave us without subscription or penalty
  • Consultants have a perpetual contract with us once they setup
  • You have continuity and no fee from us

Umbrella service for foreign contracts, invoicing etc done

  • The contract is between you and us, to supply the Consultant
  • The Consultant can be employed or self-employed by us
  • You trust our reputation for prompt full payment, less fees

The procedure is very simple, self-billing too if required

  • Consultants email us their hours, we invoice you and await payment
  • We just need to know how many hours they worked in the month
  • Our invoices are a standardised legal format
  • Invoicing is usually done same day, certainly within 1 business day
  • All communication is by email, including confirmations of process
  • On receipt of funds from you, we make payment to the Consultant
  • We first deduct our monthly fee as agreed with the Consultant
  • We work in the following currencies GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, AUD. Other currencies are easily possible, kindly notify us
  • Our fees are usually quoted to the Consultant in GBP or Euro or the equivalent at the time the Consultant is setup
  • One admin fee covers a single billing event, usually monthly

A billing event has the following processes involved

  • Receive the hours worked from the Consultant, usually by email
  • Email confirmation of receipt of hours worked
  • Prepare and submit an invoice for those hours, by email
  • Update Consultant's personal file
  • Email confirmation of process to Consultant
  • Receive payment [on-line banking for daily checking]
  • Email confirmation of receipt of payment to Agent
  • Update the Consultant's personal file to calculate payable sum
  • On-line banking transfer to their bank account
  • Email notification of transaction status to Consultant

Alternative billing cycles are;

  • Fortnightly, weekly and 4-weekly billing cycles no problem
  • 2-weekly billing fee would be the monthly billing fee + 50%
  • Weekly billing fee would be the 2-weekly billing fee + 50%
  • 4-weekly billing as for monthly fee, but 13 periods annually

Note: tax advice is not included within the billing event outlined above

  • It can take the form of phone, fax or email queries charged on a time basis
  • No tax advice fee will be charged unless the Consultant first makes a query
  • Any query would be priced and agreed with the Consultant prior to commencement
  • The fee would be deducted from the Consultant's payment


Email service queries to Webquery or alternatively to Yahoo
'SnowdonConsultants' ID for all Messengers; Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN & Google. Also Skype & ICQ available on request